Semi Permanent Make Up

Questions and Answers:

How is it done?

Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using state of the art equipment.

Is Semi-Permanent Make For Me

At Wake up Glam I believe that less is more' and I will always agree any work with you before we begin your treatment. The first treatment will create a soft effect, you can always add more colour or thickness with subsequent treatments. The cost of two procedures is included in all of My prices.

You can say goodbye to constantly checking your appearance and say hello to wide awake eyes, lovely defined lips and sleek eye-brows.

Semi-permanent make up is ideal for people who live active lives, for those who are allergic to cosmetics or for those who wear contact lenses.

Most women use cosmetics every single day and those who do, think they look better and feel more attractive wearing make-up.

Consultation Stage is Crucial

I will do a thorough consultation prior to your treatment to explain costs, pros and cons, lasting effects, colour selections and after care.

my prices include a free consultation, a patch test (required), application of your semi-permanent make up and a top up treatment which is usually done about 6 - 12 weeks later.

Price List:

Lip Line - £250.00
Lip Blush - £275.00
Full Lip Colour - £275.00
Eyeliner (Top) - £175.00
Eyeliner (Bottom) - £175.00
Eyeline (Both) - £300.00
Eyebrow (Block) - £300.00
Eyebrow (Powdered) - £275.00

Consultation and Patch test required at least 48 hours in advance.





Before Procedure

Before Procedure

Before Procedure

After Procedure

After Procedure

After Procedure