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The World’s Top Lash Stylists Convene at Cannes Film Festival

By Xtreme Lashes
Dated: May 14, 2008

Xtreme Lashes global stylists will apply eyelash extensions to international stars at this year's Cannes Film Festival gifting lounge.

Cannes, FR – Xtreme Lashes®, the premier eyelash extension brand, returns to the Cannes Film Festival, one of the oldest and most influential film festivals in the world. Year after year, the plethora of art cinema attracts movie lovers, top international film stars, trendsetters, powerful decision makers and premier luxury brands. At the 2007 Festival, Xtreme Lashes® stylists lashed the likes of Ivana Trump and Hofit Golan.

This year, Xtreme Lashes® president and founder, Jo Mousselli, the woman responsible for this new revolution in beauty, will be present to answer any questions about this exclusive service, which is rapidly sweeping the globe. Led by Training Director, Noor Daoudi, creator of the innovative X-Technique, the top stylists from Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and the US will apply lashes to the world’s elite at its most prestigious festival.

Xtreme Lashes® and “Golden X”, its legendary X logo, can be found at The Riviera Lounge at NIKKI BEACH from May 15th through the 22nd. The celebrity gift lounge will be hosted to introduce exclusive products to the who’s who in the film industry. Witness an application by the world’s top lash stylists at The Riviera Lounge or aboard the Yacht Escape. For longer, more voluminous movie star-like lashes, be sure to visit these Xtremists; they can create camera-ready looks for anyone.

One-by-one, Xtreme Lashes® are adhered to the natural lash and will stay in place until that human lash sheds. Be sure to set aside one to two hours for an experience that is well worth your time! The end result has been equated to an instant eyelift: it can make you appear more youthful, rested and put together. The best news is they'll last well beyond the festival, through tearjerkers and all.

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At thesight of Xtreme Lashes, Kelly Rowland finally met her destiny:  Beautiful, Lush Lashes.  "I've got to have these NOW", shouted Kelly with a gleam in her eye.  President Jo Mousselli made arrangements for the R & B singer, who had her lashes styled on Friday afternoon.
Kellys reaction :  "WOW!   I love it!  I love it!

Part of the Xtreme International Lash Stylist Team relaxing after the first day at Cannes

Alessandra Alores: Top Model of the World  2007/2008 comes by Xtreme Lashes at the Riviera Lounge to have lashes applied by German stylist, Gunter Krause.  She was so happy with her lashes that she cried!  Alessandra loves her Xtreme Lashes because they make your eyes pretty and big.  They feel natural and are perfect

Host of Entertainment Tonight, Natasha Garglulu, covers Xtreme Lashes involvement during  The Cannes Film Festival 2008.

Alan Cumming with some of the Xtreme Lashes stylists.   Alan was so fascinated by Xtreme Lashes, he said "I know someone who would love to have these lashes"

U.K.Director applying Xtreme Lashes to Monica

Very expensive dessert: At the Beach this sets you back 30 Euros!!!!!!

Carly relaxing and having fun

German Stylist Gunter Krause with Noor Daud and Top Model of the World setting off for a photo shoot.

Carly was delighted to meet Phoebe Price who was fasinated by Xtreme Lashes. She accepted a gift voucher from the President of Xtreme Lashes to have Xtreme Lashes applied at a later date.

Top French Model Sonya loved Xtreme Lashes and couldn't wait for an appointment to have lashes applied